Strike Finder Camera Triggers

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The Strike Finder TOUCH has a programmable touch-screen interface that features 5 capabilities in one device. One of the most exciting features is the ability to trigger time lapse based on an external event such as lightning, motion and sound. When it detects high-speed flash events (such as lightning or fireworks), a tripped laser beam, movement, or sound, it sends a signal to the camera or flash at the precise moment to capture the photograph. The fully programmable touch-screen interface allows you to set multiple options (e.g. Sensitivity, Exposure, Timing, Delay (in milliseconds) and will detect any kind of movement.

The Time Lapse is one of the hallmarks of the Strike Finder TOUCH. It has a unique feature that allows a photographer to start time lapse based on external events such as motion, a high-speed flash, sound, etc. Any time one of these external events occurs, it will take multiple photos based on your setup taking a sequence of pictures from one to several thousand and lets you adjust the frequency and exposure.

When using the Lightning feature, it can capture lightning strikes day or night depending on how far the storm is. Since lightning strikes can last for several hundred milliseconds (ms) and contain dozens of strikes, the Strike Finder TOUCH has plenty of opportunity to catch the lightning bolt.

The Laser Trigger was designed to capture anything that breaks the laser beam from water droplets to insects, to bigger things such as a sprinting runner. Once the laser has been tripped, the device instantly sends a signal to the camera telling it to release the shutter (external laser pointer required).

The Sound Trigger allows you to do high speed photography using sound. When it senses a loud sound, the device sends a signal to your camera to release the shutter.

The Motion Trigger uses a passive infrared sensor that is capable of detecting motion of any kind. Once detected, the device will trigger your camera once or multiple times depending on your setup.


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