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Introducing LampFive:

LampFive is a new LED replacement bulb for incandescent lamps. Utilizing a light guide to create omni-directional light, LampFive replicates the size and shape of an Edison-style socket bulb.

Ready to use in any residential or commercial A-19 socket, LampFive offers both a vintage style and modern form bulb.

LampFive is a great option for consumers who love their 60-watt incandescent bulbs.

Primary points to pursue development and manufacturing of LampFive:

Standard 60W and 100W A-19 incandescent lamps are now illegal to manufacture in the US and once stock is depleted there is not an alternative. LampFive provides an alternative.

Lower energy consumption – LED light source allows for LampFive to be about 10W rather than 60W. LampFive potentially decreases energy usage in lighting by 75% across tens of millions of households worldwide.

US Patent secured by Entrant (Amina Chidiac).

Many newly designed incandescent replacements are not compatible with existing fixtures in size, shape or aesthetic. LampFive will follow ANSI standards for size and shape therefore allowing customers to utilize it in existing fixture sockets, lampshades, and globes.

Light emitted from LampFive will be omni-directional which emulates an incandescent lamp.

Color temperature can be warm (2700K) like an incandescent lamp – or cooler (4000K) – with LED we have control.

As technology progresses, and there is room for the electronics, LampFive can be full color, color changing, and controllable (wireless).

No Mercury – LampFive will be RoHS compliant.

LampFive can be manufactured in a similar fashion to other household lamps. Parts may be acquired from global sources and may be assembled in the US.

Production costs and retail price will be similar to other LED replacement bulbs sold in the US.

If every household in the US utilizes 30(+/-) A-19 bulbs, there are about 300 million Edison-style sockets out there waiting for LampFive. This means potentially billions around the world.

LampFive differs from existing low-energy replacements because it replaces the standard incandescent light bulb without any modifications to the existing light fixture.

Imagine a seamless transition to low-energy replacement bulbs – imagine a world with LampFive.

LampFive: Extraordinarily Lucid


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