Embedded Vibrational and Motional Energy Absorbers for Increased Resistance to Tremor Damage on Concrete Structures

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This invention is about a Vibrational and Motional Energy Absorbers which are embedded in the concrete to increase the resistance of this concrete structures to tremor damage.

These Energy Absorbers or as I call it, “EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS”, are sealed spherical steel containers, one inch in diameter and ¾ filled with silica sand. During an earthquake, these silica sand inside these embedded EARTHQUAKE ABASORBERS converts the vibrational and motional energy into heat, significantly increasing the tremor damage resistance of the concrete structures by up to 15%.

This 15% increase in resistance is very significant and could potentially mean the difference between saving countless lives or massive loss of lives. This 15% increase means that a building capable of withstanding a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, could now withstand a 8.625 magnitude.

These EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS, by being embedded in the concrete structures act as a built in shock/vibration absorbers . As compared to external vibrational absorbers, these built in EARTHQUAKE ABASORBERS, stops the damage from within the concrete structures itself.

The addition of the concrete reinforcement fibers further enhance the structural bind of this EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS to the concrete, as it is very well documented and proven by actual testing that these concrete reinforcement fibers strengthen the concrete, and has been used on many reinforced concrete structures all over the world.

It is very logical to conclude that this EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS, having these silica sands which is proven to absorb the vibrational and motional energy brought about by earthquakes by converting this concrete damaging energy to another form of non-damaging energy – heat. This coupled with the proven concrete strengthening benefit of concrete reinforcement fibers, used on these EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS results in increasing the tremor resistance of a magnitude 7.5 tolerant buildings to a new high of magnitude 8.625- an increase not previously possible, until now.

In an earthquake, these silica sands gets tossed around inside each of the hundreds of thousand EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS in a concrete structure of a tall building. These EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS being 40-60 percent of the total concrete mix by volume, is very capable of producing this 15% improvement.

The big test for this EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS is on the earthquake shake table, which will prove once and for all the affectivity of this invention.

Fig. 1, the perspective view of an ENERGY ABSORBER consisting of a sealed spherical steel container with a textured outside surface; the top filler cap; the cutaway view illustrates the silica sand inside these steel containers; the concrete reinforcement fibers on a two circular rings attached by spot welding to these steel containers.

Fig. 2, the exploded view of an EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS before these two circular ring with its respective concrete reinforcement fibers installed. As it is depicted, these circular rings are positioned parallel from each other with one spot welded near the top and the other spot welded near the bottom of this EARTHQUAKE ABSORBERS.


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    I was inspired by bringing a solution to minimize the devastating effect of earthquakes to our lives.
    I found a solution based on well proven theory that one way to lessen the effect of the massive vibrational and motional energy of earthquakes is to convert these energy to heat- and this is exactly what my invention is. And further strengthen the integral bind of these Energy Absorbers and the concrete by incorporating these concrete reinforcement fibers, as these concrete reinforcement fibers have been proven and accepted by the construction industry to increase the strength of concrete structures.
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