3D Phone

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Most of the 3D phones in the market are basically displaying pseudo-3D images on 2D planes by utilizing the human binocular disparity. With reducing feature size of transistors, and increasing much more sophisticated and powerful processors, sensors, lasers and software tools, it is time to have a real 3D phone.

Our idea is to have a regular smartphone which can be used for daily habit (Fig. A). But, it can be expanded to a real 3D phone (Fig. B). We can use a modified version of True 3D Display using Laser plasma technology by Burton Inc. to implement this idea.

Also, using several front cameras causes to have a range of 3D effects for video chatting (Fig. C). To implement touch screen in other dimension of phone, we can use 3D tracking of dynamic objects with a laser and a camera (Fig. D).


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    Amir Ehsani Zonouz
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    Yasaman Louhghalam
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