Mousey, the new mouse

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Our defacto hardware tool to interact with computers is the mouse. Be it a mousepad or a handheld mouse, it is the one and only tool – along with the keyboard - we all use to make our daily work in computers. But the mouse and mousepad have seen no important breakthrough in the last years: not in technology used, not in shape or ergonomy and not in usability and comfortability.

Mousey is a change of concept in the common mouse. Mousey is fingerwear. By fingerwear it is meant that it is a wearable device that is worn in the finger, the one you prefer to use it on. Most people will use it on the index finger, and once worn, they will be able to move the pointer on the screen just as they move their finger over a surface. Your finger will act as your pointing device, making pointer movement much more natural, but conserving the functionality we are used to in the old mouse, but in a stylish way. Different external designs will make it look attractive on your finger and be part of your outfit.

One of the main problems and disadvantages Mousey addresses is the need to move the hand to the mousepad or the handheld mouse just to move the pointer on the screen. This is something that people who actually work on their computer or make simple tasks on will understand. Sometimes the simple act of making several clicks to fill a survey, to save a document or install a program is boring and a mess. We all would love to move the pointer without the necessity to move the hand, we all would love to be able to move the pointer with enough movement of our index finger, it would be so easy and practical.

Mousey is a device that you wear on the tip of your index finger, place your hands over your keyboard and ready to go. Using Bluetooth Low Energy technology it instantly connects to your computer, by means of optical tracking (just as the old mouse) it can detect the direction of movement of the finger to move the pointer on the screen, using an accelerometer it senses the direction of movement of your finger to detect: right-click, left-click, scroll-up and scroll-down. It is powered with a Li-Ion battery and can be easily recharged with a USB microB connector.

Today's assembly technology and recent adoption of new low power technologies (like the one used for wireless mouse, BLE, etc), new smaller battery form factors embedded in silicon chips and Chip Scale Packaging for microcontrollers enable Mousey to be manufacturable, easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Mousey is not only a breakthrough in the pointing device technology, it is much more than a new way of interacting with computers, Mousey is also a part of your outfit, of your look and of your style. Mousey is not only fingerware. Mousey is … fingerwear.


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