Wireless RF Modem based LED dynamic display system with RFID user Authentication

The objective of this system is to develop a proof of concept model to demonstrate the use of the system for spontaneous advertisement/circular using wireless communication based on RF module- nRF24L01. This is implemented with Atmega16 development board interfaced with RF module and LED matrix for displaying the data. The main advantage of the proposed system is low cost, automated operation, and low power consumption.

We have developed a scheme to implement a dynamic LED scrolling display using wireless technology to construct an energy efficient and versatile electronic display board which can be used in any universities/school/retail outlets/shopping malls etc. The system uses matrix LED panels to construct a horizontal display module in which any kind of information can be displayed, scrolled and controlled from the centralized control room wirelessly. The wireless technology was implemented with the help of wireless RF modem nRF24L01. The centralized control room is also equipped with the RFID technology for security purposes in which only an authorized person can log in to the system using a unique ID and can change the data to be displayed.


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    Sushabhan, Rajesh,vivek Choudhury, Singh,kaundal
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    sushabhan Choudhury, Rajesh Singh, Vivek Kaundal
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    low cost technology innovation in display design by using license free network so as to make it available to most of the pe0ple
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    AVR studio 4 and proteus
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