This concept is an improvement of the existing 3-Dimmensional Spatial Projector based in 3 dimensional space rasterizing. Particularly this one was inspired by the Stars War movie and is used to project objects in 3 dimensions in a real space.

The 3-terminal converter is built with HV IGBT transistors with 6,5kV blocking voltage. Transistors are controlled by fiber optic from DSP and FPGA based controller. Entire device consists of three subcircuits, which create configurable bidirectional multilevel converter, based on "DIODE CLAMPED" structure.

Micro-coil springs provide flexible electrical interconnections and allow significant movement in the x, y, and z axes to counteract the thermal expansion and dynamic forces between a microcircuit and a printed circuit board.

With a market for hardware embedded system larger than 100 billion USD, the protection of these systems against various threats has become a significant issue. The vulnerability of the microsystems against side attacks has been evidenced by P.

Working with a considerably varied group of users, with different needs, an interface suitable to them was achieved. Our interface integrates accessible interface ideas in a single portable interface that can contribute to people with disabilities’ autonomy at home.

Fire accidents in unmanned warehouses is common news. The blaze break out in ‘PATCHI ‘ warehouse, Al-Quoz, UAE in September 2013 made to inquire about cause of fire & later paved the way to suggest solution to control the fire at its earlier stage.

The goal of this system is to perform a high performance portable diagnostic ultrasound system but that's not all: The main idea is to have a stackable system up to 1024 channels,

The development of textile-based wearable electronics that can be integrated into military protective clothing. A material manufacturing survey was conducted to determine the best performing and most durable materials to withstand the rigors of textile manufacturing and potential military use.

With growing population and number of houses it is very difficult to measure and record power consumption in urban areas. Skyscrapers make it still difficult for manual meter reading as it is time consuming and prone to human errors.

Most Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) systems around the world are implemented by DSRC (Dedicated Short Range Communication) technology. To propose a concept of automatic toll tax payment system and the amount transaction information send to the cell phone of the motorists through the GSM modem technology.

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