Multi-Servo/Stepper Assisted Lighting Technology (S.A.L.T.)™ LED Systems

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Uriel Corporation's products offer 122 revolutionary features and benefits, most of which have never before been available in lighting products. Our products target Outdoor, Indoor, Vehicular, Marine, Mobile, Portable, and Special Purpose LED Lighting.

Some proprietary options are:
Cameras having the ability to move in conjunction with our light panels.
Integrated sensors, the activation of which will determine lighting direction, and where sensors will provide data for countless applications including sensing of chemical, biological, radiological, and other threats, for sensing motion, for following motion, for recording the motion path, for temperature analysis, weather, infrared, UV, touch, proximity, quality control in manufacturing, medical sensing, engineering and scientific sensing, surveillance, and other applications where sensor data is desirable.

Ability to configure lighting system unit combinations that can direct and rotate light source panels 360 degrees in 3 dimensions.

Lighting System Units can communicate via wire, wireless, laser, satellite, audio, or visual displays and also provide WIFI communications, GPS and lighting systems status information.

Each unit can contain multiple individual lighting panels.

Ability to control light panels within each unit individually, in any combination, in unison, or in groups with light panels in other units.

Ability to set, save, and recall unit settings.

Auto tracking capability.

Through the use of sensors, in conjunction with the ability to vary light colors within a lighting unit, the color of street lights can be automatically changed to optimize visibility during fog (in which amber lighting improves visibility) and other potentially hazardous weather conditions.

Flashing or oscillating lights in red or other colors can be used to warn people of hazards ahead; they could warn drivers of accidents, changing road conditions, traffic jams, hazardous substance spills, or flooded roads; they could warn airplane pilots of changing weather or airport conditions, or sailors of weather changes – these capabilities are made possible through the use of sensors and our unique ability to communicate with the lighting units .

Traffic could be automatically re-directed in the case of any of the changing road conditions described above – through changes in lighting, and it could be done automatically, or manually, either onsite or remotely; drivers could be directed to tune to a specific radio frequency for info again powered by a Uriel system.

Our combined lighting/camera/tracking/sensor capabilities can revolutionize the security business for borders, buildings, perimeters, parking lots and anywhere else security is valued.

Our lighting units can be outfitted with the choice of thousands of different sensors as a productivity and/or safety tool in: manufacturing operations, including quality control; research and other lab work; food preparation; medical applications; just to name a few.

Hydroponics, greenhouse, orchard and field grow lighting (can now be controlled thanks to Uriel Corporation's S.A.L.T.™ systems).

Our systems protect high value assets in ways that were never possible before – oil refineries, transportation hubs, intermodal facilities, ports, marinas, high security buildings, bridges, highways, neighborhoods, city protection grids, street lights, parking lot lights, and enhanced pedestrian safety.


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