Innovative design of solar panels

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Offered in our works is a conception of new technology for production of solar panels, which provides a high level of heat removal from these batteries operating under intense solar radiation. Using thermography, it was shown that application of new materials and technologies allows efficient heat removal from silicon elements that are inclined to degradation at temperatures above 80 °C. Simultaneously, the offered technical solutions lower mechanical strains in silicon convertors of solar energy. As known, diffusion processes are enhanced in mechanical strain fields, therefore heat removal and weakening the mechanical strains have a positive effect on efficiency and durability of silicon solar panels.

Using the infrared imager, we obtained thermograms both from the front and back sides of two solar panel sections. with specially developed glue possessing high temperature conduction.

The results of thermographical investigations showed that usage of high-thermal-conduction glue allows:
1. To lower the temperature of the silicon plate front face from 61.07 down to 45.17 °C, i.e., by 15.9°C, which equals 26%.
2. To lower the temperature of the silicon plate back face from 51.14°C down to 42.41°C, i.e., by 8.73°C, which equals 17%.
3. To lower the temperature drop between front and back faces (and, consequently, mechanical strains) from 9.93 °C in the case of standard technology down to 2.76°C, i.e., by 7.17°C, which equals 72%.
4. Besides, it can be seen visually that application of new technology provides uniform distribution of temperature over the surface of solar panels as compared to that of standard technology.

The results obtained in this research direction allows to offer new constructions of solar panels, which provides both intense heat removal and lowering the mechanical strains in silicon convertors of solar energy. We also studied the influence of surface vacuum.


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