Crystal Fibre Screens and Active Liquid Tissues

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Today there is the high demand to have the cheap and large displays that are transparent to the light.

There is some simple and easy way that could you imagine taking the look on the modern lights that we use on the New Year for the decorations.

The technology is the long tube with the diodes of the different colors inside. How could we make the large tissue or paper for the dynamic pictures?

There are a lot of technologies of carbon optic fibres production. It is possible to put the diode inside the fibre while production. As we have the fibres of the sets of diodes we can send the power to all the grid wireless the same way we use to charge the Tesla. To give the light to the every single pixel we can use the magnetic or laser strob with the mask set for the all diodes.

Every single diode catches with mask the own signal to set the own state.

And also there is the nice hypothetical way of how to split the picture for the pixels. If do not we have to give the power to the fractions of the fibre we can send the base light on fibre and then split the picture on pixels and colors with the magnetic strob or laser.

Not excellent as there is the needs of high speed scan of all the grid and the control mechanism is difficult.

It could be a lot of good ways to use the technology

- on road lighting for the active road marking and zebra - the cheap price could make it useful to implement the active on road marking

- on space ultra large screens - the technology should be protected of space rays ( cause of magnetic control ) and could be used as the space display while space works or for the space advertising

- t-shirts, closes, banners with the dynamic pictures that you could wash so on

- books and the digital paper that can show dynamic picture could be also produced with the such way

- display cheap dynamic pictures on the boards of cars, ships, planes and on the anything that consists of fibres

Some of the ideas covered by the open licenses

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