Automobile Diagnostic Repair System with GIS Locator and Data Analytics Integration

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Problem to be addressed

Real time diagnostics and consumer data collection to enhance product modifications.

The Solution


The proposed system enhances current technologies to create a solution that is useful for the automobile consumer, as well as the manufacturer’s research department. It begins with the vehicles navigation system, interlacing with the automobile’s diagnostic monitoring system.

Consumer Platform

Diagnostic Alarm system

The system provides constant diagnosis to the owner of the automobile. This means the entire driving and safety system is monitored constantly. There are certain codes that are sent into the computer as the car runs that tells the system the health of the automobile. If the wrong codes enter the main computer or no code at all on a data request, the monitoring system is alarmed. If it’s a wrong code, then the computer will know what or where a problem is occurring. If it’s a lack of receipt of a code, then the system will attempt to diagnose again. If there is a receipt of a code at that time, the system proceeds. If there still is no receipt, an attempt will be made three times; after the third time it will generate a generic code to switch on the alarm.
Streamlined repair options

The alarm immediately utilizes data from the navigation system to locate a nearby repair service and a local tow service. The driver will receive a notification of the needed repair and suggested appointment with the tow service option. At this time the driver has the choice to accept or deny the appointment. If accepted, it will automatically log the appointment into the service provider’s system. The same option for tow, where the provider will automatically receive the location of the tow request once accepted. If the service is denied, there is the option to complete the denial or choose a different service location/provider.

If the car experiences a collision or an automatic shut-down, the system will send an immediate alarm to the 911 service, with location data. It will also notify any programmed emergency contacts and default service/tow providers.

Coded alarm release system

Mechanics will be given specific codes to release the alerts for repairs or denials in person. Special codes for body, technological and mechanical customizations are entered into the system by brand providers.

Manufacturers Platform

Data Collection

The system will be used for the manufacturing company as a data collection method. Everything that the computer reads will be backed up into an analysis system which allows for reports and queries of specific sets of data to be used during product innovation. Researchers can view patterns in the data suggesting what types of repairs or modifications are most important to consumers.

Data Analysis

The data can be used to gear upgrades or differentiated models. It can also be used to select target markets for new products, or to more efficiently target advertisements to user friendly features. Manufacturers can also use the data when generating community social responsibility plans: street repairs, transportation re-engineering.


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