Programmable Fan/Blower

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A new family of Programmable Fans and Blowers which may be reprogrammed by the user to invoke various features, performance curves, thermal tracking and alarming. The fan/blower is sold as a standard feature product, pre-tested and environmentally encapsulated. A programming connector is accessible under a cover on the product. Our web-site will have a list of feature program software which the user can download and flash program to modify the fan / blower to achieve many unique features and functions specialized to his application in just minutes rather than numerous requests back to the factory. Development time is very short, preproduction can be immediate, and large production quantities can be factory supplied under standard delivery lead times. Distribution will have ready supplies of the Programmable fans and Blowers in stock and can also reprogram them to meet customers looking for faster support. One fan can fulfill hundreds of specialized functions thus simplifying Distribution stocking. There are separate program speed control functions and thermal speed control functions allowing for precise tracking including the on-board sensor. Besides a tach signal a complete alarming function can be downloaded which can be set to a desired speed threshold, delay, and even latch.

The internal motor control and protection functions are not accessible and cannot be

We believe this will reduce the Thermal Management Development time to weeks rather then months without the traditional lead time delays associated with developing a specialized cooling product to meet a new system being developed and at greatly reduced cost.


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