Electrical Junction Box Wire Router

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Electrical Junction Box Wire Router

This paper proposes to improve the electrical junction box installation. A new method of putting a printed circuit board (PCB) with Terminal block called “Electrical Junction Box Wire Router” is placed inside the Electrical Junction Box. This wire router will simplify the methodology of wiring connection inside the Electrical Junction Box

Advantage of electrical junction box wire router compare to current method of electrical junction box wiring:

1. Easy to install Junction box interconnect.
2. no wire twisting (the pain in twisting solid or stranded wire will be remove).
3. No electrical tape insulation required.
4. Wire connection inside the electrical junction box is not messy, thus connection to mains power is clean.
5. Since the number of terminal block is limited to the number of junction box wire hole, this will remove multiple connection in a particular junction box, thus preventing overloading on particular breaker.
6. Shape of the object can be design in various shape depending on the shape of the electrical junction box.
no need to remember the mains line, just put first the main line to the terminal block, and the distribution will follow( two wire at a time connection).
7. Installation is fast compare to current method.
Will standardized the wiring connection of every electrical junction box.
8. Once standardize, even a normal person can install this, because of easy to use, install and no need to remember different wire twisting methodology.
9. Special interconnect will be made if a particular junction box has a switch connection.
10. Stress on the wire during wire twisting is remove, thus the conductivity of the wire is preserve.
11. Easy removal of wire during redoing of connection.
12. Easy measurement of voltage on the terminal blocks during troubleshooting, no need to power down the connection. unlike the traditional way of connection, which the electrical tape is need to removed, thus also the power need to cut off.
13. SAFE, the standard on the design is base on ANSI / IPC-2221/IPC-2221A, for trace current capacity. while the Board (FR4) has this specs:


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