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Consumers always look for brand quality and if accessories are manufactured by the same brand company customer will go for that only.

X Gadget means external gadget with mobile phone, for example external one is headphone, another touch pen, etc.  Here my X Gadget is finger accessories which help customers in taking personal photos also with improving scrolling or writing on touch phone, and also security for phone and personal protection.

And today mostly consumer customers like new gadgets in the market with extra improved technology. X Gadget is finger accessories which are placed on the index finger or thumb finger size of X Gadget if its placed in index finger it will size up to Distal Phalanx or with Middle Phalanx.

How its works:
X Gadget as external camera which works on Bluetooth which places at center Distal Phalanx or Middle Phalanx to take best personal shot photo and also in my previous invention submission Women Protection with External Camera Mobile.

At the tip of Distal Phalanx a smooth surface which helps to scroll the page on mobile and also with its advanced finger scanner will give perfect X Gadget but here in this invention normally finger scanner means human finger print which as unique design on finger scanner but this X Gadget will not use human finger print but digital code. This digit works the same as how finger print as a finger print as unique design on finger same way digit code will be digit unique code but alphabet and numerical forms. This will make more 100% safety security Gadget.

To write on touch phone this X Gadget will have folding pen which place side of Distal Phalanx. This pen length will be 4 to 5 inches. If you had seen older radio 70 or 80 model in this radio as antenna which is folding type same way this pen works.

Image is copied from the website Google.com means my concept will look somewhat same.


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