Accessibility Of Domestic Area Network Using Handheld Devices

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Working with a considerably varied group of users, with different needs, an interface suitable to them was achieved. Our interface integrates accessible interface ideas in a single portable interface that can contribute to people with disabilities’ autonomy at home. Being a potential solution to improve the autonomy of people with impairments, the interviews have shown that home automation is not even considered as a possible solution to these people’s reality. They consider home automation a high technology solution out of their reach. It points out to the demand for researching and developing lower cost and simpler solutions.

This product is mainly focus on autonomy at home. It can be proposed by monitoring and controlling the status of temperature sensor, humidity controller, pressure sensor present in domestic area networks and also can able to reset the target system level by varying the time, temperature, and other environmental factors. It can operate the entire home appliances from any portion of the home. This pervasive, intelligent home is a luxury item for many people, could have a key role in assuring the autonomy of people.The concept of using different levels of screens containing icons representing the rooms, the appliances to be controlled and the commands was utilized in this work, but as it is intended to be universal, additional requirements were needed.

The work was developed starting with an interface design proposal, based on the research on accessible interfaces state of the art. The interface was deployed targeting Tablets and Smart Phones interoperability. It was integrated to control a home gateway prototype. This research could consolidate a feasible interface to control home area networks pointing out the main requirements for home area networks considering a diversified group of impairments.


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