Cutart Stencil Pen

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Presenting the EASIEST FASTEST AND most ACCURATE STENCIL/Paper CUTART making tool.

You need to do SCREEN PRINTING or SPRAY PAINTING or want to customize your clothes with custom graphics. You need stencils for all of them. How to cut stencils, so you have been using a blade or a paper knife for the same. but you know how difficult and slow process it is, and you keep spoiling your works again and again.

The solution is here in the form of a pen which has corrosive ink in it. When you heat up the paper, the ink burns off the paper from places it has been marked with.

So you can extract designs from the paper easily and real fast.

It's so simple, doesn't require a computer or complicated sets of instruments. Just a pen and a heater are enough to cut all sorts of papers.


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    Siddharth Shah
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