DYNA-MIC: Advanced Surround Sound System

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The mikes generally used in auditorium or hall have a very low range and makes a speaker restricted to the desk where it is kept, also is you are very nearer to it the beep sound irritates the ears of the listeners. The solution for this was Head Microphone, but as the research says after long exposure to it the chances of ear damage increases.

DYNA-MIC solves all these problems, as it eliminates the use of Mike or Head Microphone. The system consist of a Boundary Microphone placed at the center of the stage which has the sound pick-up range of 3 meters to 12 meters. A 180 degree Wide angle camera covers the whole stage. By image processing the face of the speaker is detected and it's co-ordinates are send to the Micro-controller, where the values of the co-ordinates are Mapped by a particular calculation and we get the distance of the speaker from the Boundary Microphone. The micro-controller then produces D/AC(Digital to Analog Signal) signal which is given to Voltage controlled Resistance Device. This devise is connected to the amplifier, where the change in resistance produces the change in gain and hence the volume of the output speakers is controlled.

Hence this system gives ADVANCED SURROUND SOUND SYSTEM with no issues of the Mike systems anymore and changes the whole world of automation in Microphones.



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