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The Problem:
When you arise in the morning, you are usually woken up by an annoying alarm and sometimes you don’t wake up at all. Alarm clocks can be unreliable and rude. Your companion might scream at you for waking them with your alarm. The solution? Vibration.

What the Solution is:
Our new invention will wake the consumers up using the sense of touch. An iPhone is plugged in to the device and any alarm that goes off is directed in to the pillows vibrations. The vibrators in the corners will vibrate softly as to not awake the user in a rude manner. The pillow will have an increasing level of vibration until the snooze button has been pressed. If it hasn’t been pressed the speaker, which is quiet enough for only someone lying on the pillow will hear, will wake them up.

It will be easy to manufacture due to its small sized vibrators and speaker. It is also made of memory foam so it will be comfortable and affordable.

Our invention is original for three main reasons...
1. It’s a new idea that builds upon ideas of the past.
2. It is a great extension of the world of alarm and pillows.
3. It combines two separate ideas (pillow and alarm) in to one invention!

Our invention is marketable because…
1.People don’t want to be late
2.People hate being woken up rudely

People will now be able to be on time and woken up soothingly!



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