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Beverages consumed by humans come in two mediums which are hot and cold. Hot beverages are prepared with the mixture of boiling water while cold beverages are readily available by freezing or by inserting ice cubes. This process takes certain amount of time for preparation of hot and cold beverages.

Humans loves beverages to be prepared as quickly as possibly because this serves as a good hospitality to customers/visitors/self besides improving the efficiency of preparation time. Apart from that, the process of making ice cubes and utilizing electrical heater or gasoline stove for heating is expensive considering the usage of electricity and gas. One serious problem that arises from these activities are health problem when the household utilities such as fridge, stove and the boiling jug are not cleaned well; moreover when it is contaminated by bacteria and microorganism. Even the frozen ice is not 100% sterile for drinking yet considering the chemical composition that is present in water.

Introducing The Sphere, which is low in cost, reusable, chargeable and utmost a safe product that can cool and heat water in an easy way. The Sphere is a round shaped ball combination of three different layers which absorbs & releases energy in just a short time. This Sphere ball will be inserted into any beverages and within seconds, the beverages will be either hot or cold according to the choice of customer. Spheres are charged initially before inserting into beverages by simply putting them into the precooled and preheated water.

With the implementation of The Sphere, there is no more worries on health issues, yet it provides faster refreshment beverages for customers. The usage of Sphere is targeted to restaurants, bars, fast food outlets and also for personal uses.

Our Competitive Advantage:
- Healthy as the sphere is safe from bacteria and also microorganisms
- Save Time
- Mobile, easy to carry
- Able to retain the taste of beverages which does not melt at all
- Easily charged by simply putting them into the precooled and preheated water
- Sustain the beverages temperature for longer period due to the energy
- Refilling becomes easier when boiling water and inserting ice are not necessary
anymore as the beverages consumes same energy from the existing Sphere

Our innovative technology consist of 3 specially designed and systemize components:
1. Outer layer, copper - conductor to transfer the temperature and from outside and stored to the core of the sphere
2. Middle layer, silica aerogel - insulator to trap the temperature at the inner core of the sphere
3. Inner core, liquid helium - high conductor to store the temperature.

Our Path to Market:
This product is economical considering it for a longer run as compared to ice importantly retaining the taste of beverages without diluting it. Apart from that, Sphere can be promoted as a healthy beneficial product which can be even utilised in hospitals and laboratories as well since this product is free from contaminants and can be used repeatedly.


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    The design will help enhance human life further with latest technology and innovation besides helping the government in cost reduction and community for enhanced lifestyle.
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