Low Power Wireless Sensor Network For Building Monitoring

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Analysis of the stability of buildings is a needed measurement process for all buildings in the cities. Periodic monitoring of the structure for such damage is therefore a key step in rationally planning the maintenance needed to guarantee an adequate level of safety and serviceability. However, in order for the installation of a permanently installed sensing system in buildings to be economically viable, the sensor modules must be wireless to reduce installation costs, must operate with a low power consumption to reduce servicing costs of replacing batteries, and use low cost sensors that can be mass produced such as MEMS sensors.In this project MEMS accelerometer is used to sense the shaking of the building which in sends message signal to the microcontroller which in turn sends to the receiver section through RF wireless technology. Here there are three sections, the two floor sections has PIC microcontroller, RF device and MEMS accelerometer. The monitoring section has PC and GSM module, which collect the data from the floor sections and analyze the stability of the building.RF receiver collect the data from the floor sections and transfer the information to the PIC 16F877A microcontroller which is used to analyze the stability of the building by comparing it with the normal stable readings.USBController displays the security sounds and provide the storage capacity and offers both asynchronous and isochronous (real-time) data transmission over a simple and inexpensive 4-wirecable.The receiver section immediately sends the warning message to the respective numbers already stored in the microcontroller by means of GSM technique


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