An Intelligent Wearable Military Coat For Withstanding The Cold And Wireless Alert System For Soldiers

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The development of textile-based wearable electronics that can be integrated into military protective clothing. A material manufacturing survey was conducted to determine the best performing and most durable materials to withstand the rigors of textile manufacturing and potential military use. Narrow woven technology was selected as one of the most promising textile manufacturing methods. The cotton will produce heat while passing current to the cloth based on the atmospheric temperature the cloth will vary heat by varying current rating using a microcontroller. In addition to this, in the battlefield if a soldier shot by the enemy it is sensed by a piezoelectric sensor and SMS is automatically sent to the army office. So that it is easy to find the soldier's status on the battlefield. If the soldier's strength is not enough against enemy’s strength then higher officials can send extra force to the battle area. It is very easy to save the country. And also it is very useful to detect the soldier's presence during the time of unexpected attacks.


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    Pradeepa M Nandha Engineeering College
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