Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer

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Finally, it's here! You asked for it, and we've developed it. The TDWLB series certified Bluetooth pressure (with optional temperature) transducer is an extremely unique, innovative, and powerful sensor that finally addresses the needs of a wide variety of industries. We heard the requests to be able to remotely measure pressure and/or media temperature, to measure these where power isn’t available, and to also be able to monitor multiple sensors at once.

We’ve addressed all those needs by developing the Bluetooth wireless TDWLB series sensor which can be read on your smart phone, tablet, or PC. Our extremely low power technology alleviates any concerns about battery life by ensuring that in normal operation the TDWLB transducer will operate 18-24 months on a standard coin cell battery before needing a battery change.

We heard loud and clear the industry’s need to be able to set high and low alarm set points to alert the user when pressures have surpassed a programmable threshold. This is very easily accomplished in the free downloadable App. Since the TDWLB offers the ability to monitor many sensors at one time, we’ve also given the user the ability to name the sensors so he always knows which sensor he is looking at in his system.

In addition to the wireless operation and certified Bluetooth output which differentiates it from virtually every other pressure sensor on the market, how the TDWLB actually measures pressure makes it better as well. Traditional strain gauge based pressure transducers correlate the change in pressure to a change in voltage across a Wheatstone bridge. The TDWLB instead separates the Wheatstone bridge into two half-bridges allowing the sensor to have redundant sensing elements (an Industry First!). And, we are correlating the change in pressure to the change in TIME (in picoseconds) across the two half-bridges. This all digital measurement is more noise immune and robust than the traditional analog method of doing the measurement. Also, since we are measuring changes in pressure in the time domain in picoseconds, these are incredibly high resolution measurements.

Another very key point, especially as it pertains to battery life in a wireless application, the TDWLB technology draws very little current. Also, traditional pressure transducers are “ON” all the time putting voltage across the bridge. Our technology allows us to control “ON” and “OFF” with a microcontroller, so the sensor is only “ON” when making a measurement, thus greatly conserving battery life.

The applications for this pressure transducer are wide ranging and include HVAC (residential, commercial, RV, Marine, etc.), boilers, chillers, industrial, water/wastewater, industrial and medical gases, and many, many more.

Often times, the need to use the TDWLB is driven by necessity--there is no power available, wiring isn't possible or isn't wanted, or perhaps local indication is needed.

The TDWLB series wireless Bluetooth pressure transducer is a unique, practical, and powerful way to measure or monitor pressure in your system.

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