USB ICPDigital Accelerometer

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The ICPDigital™ Dynamic Accelerometer, from The Modal Shop, Inc., is the first integrated and ruggedized high-resolution, broad-frequency piezoelectric accelerometer with internal digital data acquisition. Conforming to both USB and Windows® or Linux audio driver standards, the single axis USB ICPDigital Dynamic Accelerometer (model 333D01) is the first truly plug-and-play piezoelectric vibration sensor.

Vibration measurement is as easy as recording audio from a laptop or tablet with the ICPDigital Dynamic Accelerometer. This simplicity gives it the utility of precision piezoelectric accelerometers and a high-fidelity tool for both the test and industrial markets. Users can select from a growing number of commercial vibration analysis packages that now allow them to write their own applications in any programming environment that can address the audio input driver. The 333D01 USB ICPDigital™ Dynamic Accelerometer means users no longer need separate and bulky signal conditioners and standalone digital data acquisition (DAQ).

This new generation of vibration sensor incorporates state-of-the-art digital electronics to provide all the signal conditioning and data acquisition needed for high-fidelity vibration measurement. Utilizing a hermetically sealed precision ceramic piezoelectric sensing element expands both the measurement resolution ( additional 66 dB over typical MEMS accelerometers) and useable frequency range to 8 kHz (nearly 10 times typical MEMS response). The calibration of a USB ICPDigital™ Dynamic Accelerometer is NIST traceable, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability of the integrated measurement channel.

The 333D01 packages both the piezoelectric sensing element and internal electronics within a laser weld ground isolated stainless steel casing. This provides durability, portability, and reliability for the entire measurement channel in both factory and laboratory environments.

Additionally, the 333D01 directly connects to a PC or tablet USB port for power and standardized digital communication. In many freeware or shareware “sound card” scope programs, users can select the accelerometer (vibrations signal) input from the list of available audio inputs and display, trigger record, and save vibration signals directly into display scope mode.

The USB ICPDigital Dynamic Accelerometer simplifies and improves the general accessibility to precision vibration measurements. These are not consumer-grade, low-fidelity MEMS accelerometers, but rather high-fidelity precision vibration measurement instruments that utilize the ease and simplicity of the consumer USB communication world. In addition to traditional piezoelectric accelerometer applications, the broad and easy accessibility is opening the world to low-cost laptop, tablet, and phone applications to monitor and protect people, products, and process.


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