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The goal of this system is to perform a high performance portable diagnostic ultrasound system but that's not all: The main idea is to have a stackable system up to 1024 channels, and therefore this system could use CMUT technology with great benefits:
best 3D imaging
ultra fast imaging

A 256 channels prototype is running, but it's obvious, now we could divide the size by two and increasing the performance by two also.

One of the aspect of these kind of systems is the cost, a single diagnostic system will be sell around 25k€ for a systeme with same performances than a system with 256 channels for example. That mean for 100k€, you have 4 systems working both four to give you the best image.

The hostpital or a Doctor buys four systems in one, four portable 256 channels systems, that you could assembly on a donkey station to have an 1024 channels system.

The prototype shows a single 256 channels system, we need to build 3 others prototypes and the donkey station.

All mode will be implemented :
B mode
Color doppler


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    Yannick Almeras
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