3 Dimensional Spatial Projector

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This concept is an improvement of the existing 3-Dimmensional Spatial Projector based in 3 dimensional space rasterizing. Particularly this one was inspired by the Stars War movie and is used to project objects in 3 dimensions in a real space. Although the spectator or viewers won't be able to interact within the space of the image it would be able to walk around the Projection Volume and inspect the imaging.

The projector relies on the persistence of the vision to create the effect of a three dimensional object. It consist of a moving translucent screen that rasterizes the volume an reflect a series of "slices" of the three dimensional object as it moves. There are other similar previous art existent, but in this one differs from those in the fact the light projecting gear is NOT moving with the screen thus making possible to project moving 3D scenes or streaming them.

The system requires certain imaging preprocessing in a computer or by an ASIC imaging processor. The original 3D object file requires to be 'Sliced' in the cuts of each one of the positions of the rotating screen, the difference to the traditional systems is that in order to allow the external projection of the images the rotating screen shape needs to be Helical, in that way very single point of the projection volume will be exposed in to a non-perpendicular angle at any given moment along the rotation of the screen (some exections where the definition will be decreased.) the Helical screen forces the preprocessing of the signal to create ‘slices’ of the objects in the plane of the helix and retrieve the planar projection over one of the perpendicular coordinate planes in order to be able to reproduce it.

It is required a synchronization between the projector and the position of the screen in any moment, the speed of the rotating motor depends in the projector capacity. The projector uses a DLP circuit to generate the projection and a Image Processors for 3D Stereoscopic Displays to process the images from a 3Dimensional animation to the “Sliced Plane Projection”.

It can have other applications than in the original movie since the construction is not particularly expensive (the programming is though) all the existing imagery related with the Magnetic Resonance can be displayed in such way that the physicians can actually see the 3 Dimensional Space relations between objects. Having the projection gear not attached to the screen, the size and the extension of the device can be increased by synchronizing several sources and/or several rotating screens. It can be used to represent air traffic of to display the general aspects of buildings or cities in architecture, can be used to explain complex molecular structures to students and to show the shape of the skeleton of dinosaurs in the schools and museums, and beside all that, I am sure many graphical and performing artists will find several interesting applications and masterpieces to display in this Stars War gadget.


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