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In the recent past, humans have put huge stress on the environment to meet their travel demands. One such example is fossil fuel which is fast depleting to meet the global transportation needs. Various research has happened and is happening in developing sustainable technologies that can meet future demands of mankind. We all travel across the globe for conferences & meetings. While alternatives to avoid travel exist in the form of video conferencing, teleconference & tele-presence, all these technologies have limitations and that is one cannot meet the attendees in person.

The whole intent of this idea is to cut down the travel. Imagine you have a digitized 3D body of yours in 1:1 ratio, just like digital signature which can be sent over the internet. And similarly each attendee has his own digitized 3D body.

Meeting rendezvous would be a digital space, just like IP address for VC & Tele-presence. All participants have to just send their digitized body over internet to this digital space. Both the digitized body and the meeting place will be authorized by security gateway to prevent misuse. Each participant will be able to feel, see and touch the other participants & the objects in meeting place through their own digitized bodies. The body movements of individuals will be synchronized with movements of digitized body.

So each participant will be stationed at his own location, but can control the movements and speech of his digitized body. The participant can even see what his digitized body can see through a computer interface. Presentations can be shared in the digital space which can be seen by all attendees through their digitized bodies. Documents can be signed, minutes of meeting can be signed, photographs of the meeting can be taken and declarations can be made jointly. And all this without any need for travel.

If any attendee cannot be available in person for the meeting can send his digitized body with a pre-recorded message which can be shared with the participants.

This idea has huge potential in the future and tremendous research is required to develop suitable technology.


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