New Milling Head Type

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Goglio Milling Systems has designed a new milling head for milling machines.

At left there is one picture of a NTX 200 milling machine and one picture of the new milling head type with continuous positioning. Actually, the new head type looks like the old one.

The precision of the angular positioning is 0.001°, even though the other features of the head remain the same as the head with Hirth-coupling type:

The positioning is not given by a Hirth coupling with steps of 1°. In this new head, the positioning is given by a new kind of magnetic encoder that allows steps of 0,001°. The strength of the head is bigger than the previous model.



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    Hans Van Geluk
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    Mr. Goglio, Roberto Goglio, Marco Zanon, Hans van Geluk
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    Sales Agent for Mario Carnaghi
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    The Mill Mac HG 30 5000. A new Milling Centre from Mario Carnaghi to make Diesel engines for any kind of vehicle. Like Ships, Trucks, Grount Controls etc.

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    Technics, reading, music, my family,
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    Our goal is to make our machines and heads better for our clients, so they can forward with the better making of their products. On their turn they can make Life easier for their customers.
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