This design is to use a standard powder feeder that is available from sources such as Praxair or Thermach. It uses a pulsed laser to melt powder and feedback to determine the state of the melt puddle.

Introducing a unique, slip fit, self-locking adapter for mounting ball bearings onto a shaft. The Torksleeve BC design provides superior radial and axial locking that allows the bearing’s inner ring to fit concentrically with the shaft and offers full bearing support which eliminates shaft fretting.

Fire accidents in unmanned warehouses are one of the most common types of news. The blaze breaks out in ‘PATCHI ‘ warehouse, Al-Quoz ,UAEin September 2013 made to enquire about cause of fire &

The Allycat Search Units and Rescue Unit is designed to go where no man should be, and pull them back to safety, while maintaining a safe operational distance for the humans involved in the rescue.

The Search Units are one Mother Ship with four smaller drones latched on,

My concept proposes for a remote controlled dog collar that works on the simple principle of electromagnetism.

USE:-Pet owners can unchain their dog or pet just with a press of a button it may be when it is their feeding time or when a thief enters a person’s home.

The intrinsic speed and precision of the human ocular-motor system makes the eye an ideal pointing device for human-machine interface. Eye tracking has not yet been exploited as a robust human interface with computers due to many technical problems,

This project “AUTOMATIC GLASS WALL CLEANER” focuses on cleaning of glass wall buildings. Cleaning glass of such tall buildings is a time consuming and a dangerous job. Presently humans are employed for cleaning such tall glass buildings which is very dangerous.

The greatly improved efficiency, power to weight ratio, production costs, emissions, and fuel economy of contemporary Wankel Rotary Combustion Engines allows for its participation in many more uses. So does the progresses accomplished in hydraulic engines, hydraulic power transmission and output devices. In this frame,

Having seen construction labourers slog for hours to construct brick walls and trying very hard all the time to maintain proper alignment of the bricks, we have come up with a novel machine to make this process faster and a lot more efficient.

In the existing method,

Abundant agricultural waste is produced in millions of tonnes from vast agricultural areas but they are disposed inefficiently causing extensive pollution to the environment. Apart from the problems of transportation, storage, and handling,

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