Continuous Deposition Arc Foaming

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Continuous Deposition Arc Foaming is a Geomimetic 3D Printing process that allows for large-scale production of stochastic foams of a variety of materials including glass, metal, cermet, and fullerenes. Proof-of-Concept has been achieved by nature with fulgurite. Prior art such as Contour Crafting and laser sintering have provided the conceptual and technological foundation for my technology.

Metal foams are produced now but with difficulty and a niche market. 3D printing is innovating at a great rate; the dream of printing buildings however is yet to be achieved with existing technologies. Further, nobody in the industry is thinking about other large-scale products such as airplane fuselages, boat hulls...

The key to my technology is in the design of an extruder/trowel/electrode and the proprietary blend of liquid:particulate.

There are many existing and created markets for Continuous Deposition Arc Foaming.


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    Mathew Whitney
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    Geomimicry, Biomimicry, simplification.
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