Ixnamiki Rescue and Exploration Robot

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Ixnamiki Ome is a rescue robot that aims to take action in disaster areas, which may be those who were shaken by a Tsunami, a mudslide, flood zone, armed conflict, fire etc., This robot is an aid to rescuers allowing them to view real-time images of the area of interest by video cameras, measuring variables such as temperature, CO2 level, and creating maps of the area. I stress this project was originally intended for rescue missions but can be adapted to other purposes such as military and public security among others.



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    Maximiliano Ruiz
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    Team members:
    Maximiliano Ruiz
    Guillermo Medina
    Juan Echavarria
    Daniel Duran
    Santiago Machen
    Fernando Ochoa
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    Our project is inspired by research in mobile robotics, from participation in the competition robocup in rescue robot league, in which we have participated for 5 years obteniedo great results, as the first in mobile manipulation (Netherlands 2013 ).
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    Altium Designer, SolidWorks, MatLab, Mathematica Wolfram, ROS
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