Self-Replicating Robot Factory

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A Solar Powered Self Replicating Robot Factory is comprised of:

A set of networked computer systems,
A 3D Rapid Prototyping Parts Printer;
Several Refillable ReservoirArrays of Composite Epoxy Resin Fluids and Chemicals;
A Part Finishing Robot;
Part Transport Robots;
An Automated Part Storage and Retrieval Robotic System;
An Assembly Robot;
Rechargeable Batteries;
and Solar Photovoltaic Panel Arrays Power Source System.

Tranceivers in networked computers with object recognition vision systems transmit control signals to all systems in this self replicating robot factory. Robot manufacturing begins with several reservoirs of composite epoxy resin fluids including those which are adhesive, electrically conductive, semi-conductive, electrically non-conductive, metal powder reinforced, Kevlar fiber reinforced, carbon fiber reinforced, containing solder paste, optically transparent, and opaque plastic resins, rubber, acids, oil derivatives, as well as other chemicals each in its own reservoir segment. The epoxy fluids and all other chemicals in the reservoirs are fed into the 3D rapid prototyping system nozzles where they selectively supply the fluids that are printed in multiple successive preprogrammed graphic 2D patterned layers by the printing nozzle heads of the 3D rapid prototyping part printing system one layer at a time. As each preprogrammed printed layer pattern is completed, the printing surface platen is lowered by the thickness of one printed layer and the next layer of printing is begun. Transistors, chiplets, IC’s, and other electronic components can be printed along with electro-optical and electro-mechanical systems. When a part is completed, it is removed by a transport robot and delivered to a finishing robot which files and polishes the part. A transport robot moves the part to an automated storage and retrieval system which stores all parts in a storage area for later retrieval at an appropriate time. The parts are retrieved from storage sequentially at just the right time to an assembly robot which assembles each of the parts, into larger parts, subassemblies, assemblies, and systems which comprise the 3D rapid prototyping system, each of the robots, batteries, and solar cell panel arrays piece by piece, one at a time. A solar photovoltaic panel array power supply system charges rechargeable batteries which supply necessary power for the system to operate until the supply reservoirs are empty.

Programming is downloaded to all robots which are tested before they walk, roll, or are carried out of the factory or are assigned to tasks in a larger growing factory.

Each of the robots and 3D printers described can be altered, programmed, networked, and duplicated to  provide a multi-line factory manufacturing many things. Such factories would be useful on Earth, spaceships, space stations, the moon, Mars, and elsewhere,


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