Computer Controlled Pogo Stick

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A gasoline or natural gas powered, computer controlled pogo stick, for clearing mine fields. The ground tip of the pogo stick should be of blast absorbing material and easily changed. Thousands of mine fields exist through out the world. The pogo stick receives GPS signals, and relays its exact position to the controlling computer when its stick contacts the ground. The computer then maps the cleared area of the mine field. The easiest way to create such a computer controlled robotic pogo stick is by a contest. Three cash prizes for the three best devices. There are no personnel or facilities problems, or any cost over runs. The devices should be low cost, because many may be destroyed by very large explosions. A coanda effect shape on the lower housing of the pogo stick can lower the upward force of a mine explosion on the device. The contest winners should keep all patents, but should turn over copies of all memos, notes, videos and etc. of how they created their devices. That information might be used for a TV documentary on how to solve a complex design problem.


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