Automatic Dog Collar

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My concept proposes for a remote controlled dog collar that works on the simple principle of electromagnetism.

USE:-Pet owners can unchain their dog or pet just with a press of a button it may be when it is their feeding time or when a thief enters a person’s home.

During feeding times just press the button and the dog collar unlocks itself and hence unchaining the dog.

The battery of this device is similar to the one present in thinnest smart phones and source of energy is purely solar as it requires very less charge to work. There is also a provision to switch of the device to avoid unnecessary losses.

The remote is I.R based one and houses a small button cell.

The retractable rods are controlled by the electromagnet housed in the yellow box. When the electromagnet in the yellow box is activated then the rods being a metal gets attracted to the electromagnets hence retracting the rods and leaving the straps disconnected. The upper portion of the yellow box is occupied by the solar cell and the battery in enclosed in the yellow box.

To lock the straps together just switch off the electromagnet using the remote and bring the two straps together, the rods will descend down as there are tiny nickel magnets placed around the holes of the bottom strap. The pulling force exerted by the electromagnet is greater than the force exerted by the tiny nickel magnets.


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