A Unique Adapter For Mounting Ball Bearings

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Introducing a unique, slip fit, self-locking adapter for mounting ball bearings onto a shaft. The Torksleeve BC design provides superior radial and axial locking that allows the bearing’s inner ring to fit concentrically with the shaft and offers full bearing support which eliminates shaft fretting. The Torksleeve BC features slip fit of the bearing onto the shaft, so it does not require additional tools for installation. Mounting and dismounting is accomplished with a single standard hex key saving assembly and maintenance time.

Once locked, Torksleeve BC resists vibration loosening, increases the life of single or bidirectional rotation bearings. This new mounting method can be applied in numerous industries that are searching for better and easier ways of mounting ball bearings to improve quality of the assembly, extending bearing life and reducing maintenance time.

The patented asymmetric thread design offers a continuously inclined surface and a cylindrical profile. A significant feature of this thread is its shallow incline (Fig. 1). Torksleeve BC consists of two cylindrical parts, an outer and inner sleeve. The outer sleeve is threaded on the inside and inner sleeve is threaded on the outside with a series of threaded holes on its flange. Both sleeves have several axial slits.

Assembly: The sleeves are screwed to each other (Fig.2) and the bearing is inserted onto the outer sleeve. (Fig.3). This assembly is slipped onto the shaft and located in the desired position (Fig4). Applying axial force through a series of annular set screws, the incline of the female threads are drawn tightly against the male threads (Fig 1). This continuous thread contact applies radial force evenly over all engaged threads. The resulting wedge action (Fig1) creates radial force on the sleeves, one of which contracts, gripping the shaft, while the other expands, gripping the bearing’s inner ring resulting in a high friction fit. The friction fit can be controlled by selecting a set screw torque value appropriate for the selected bearing assembly.

Disassembly of the bearing is accomplished by loosening the set screws. The sleeves will spring back to their original position allowing the assembled bearing to slide from the shaft.

These simple two cylindrical sleeves can be manufactured by standard CNC turning lathe in a variety of sizes and metals.

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