Sea Current Energy Extractor, Electrical Power generator

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The design of the Sea Current Energy Extractor, Electrical Power generator is made for utility level electrical production. That machine design is intended for development of the submerged, floating unit consisting circular, rotating around the horizontal axis of the circular structure, with multiple hydrofoils placed on it and one, or two platforms with generators connected with the shaft of the circular structure.

The unit, placed in a see current, will rotate under influence of tangential, in respect to the axis of the circular structure, hydrodynamic forces, generated by the hydrofoils placed on the circular structure.

The same design could be intended for use as dam-less river power stations.


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    Michael Zeldich
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    I was interesting in understanding how the device on my shoulders is working.
    It take 47 years for the solving of the problem and lead me to formulation of the general concept on the factual basis. Now I could explain in few minutes how it is working.
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