Allycat Search And Rescue

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The Allycat Search Units and Rescue Unit is designed to go where no man should be, and pull them back to safety, while maintaining a safe operational distance for the humans involved in the rescue.

The Search Units are one Mother Ship with four smaller drones latched on, when the AO is reached, the four smaller drones take off to build up a web of data and information in locating the objective, which is a lost crew or stranded person(s).

Once located, the Search Unit Mother Ship moves into position and drops the Rescue Unit, which targets the distressed vessel and with the assistance of on board GPS auto-pilot systems moves into place to allow distressed crew the easiest access possible to the entrance hatch.

The GPS auto-pilot then is activated to access the nearest friendly shore line.

From there two electric motors propel the craft forwards, even tho the craft is designed to bobble about in any direction the ocean wants to go, including down for a while; cause it will just pop back up.

Named after the Miss Ally who's distress beacon went unchecked; Sunday, February 17th, 2013; because the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ignored please for help from the community, and deemed it too dangerous to even keep an eye on her when she was spotted, even for the crew's sake.

So far only the Miss Ally has been recovered, and her crew remains missing.

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