Photon Robots

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Photon robots

Product design idea

High energy waves are used to generate the robot functions. These waves are concentrated to the point that robot should move. For examples powerful laser is used by satellites to operate objects such as a patient in rural area. Projector or powerful light in satellites is used to make any visible shapes by satellites on rural area road or in a jungle to guide by satellites. For example projector is used to generate signal. It activates the eye signals. For blinds navigation system is used to guide as normal people by mobile equipment by Photon robots. It warns people in danger by eye signals. It is required to instruct the robot by electronic equipment. Thermodynamic and Fluid theories can be used to control and dynamic of objects (active and inactive) such as transport one place to another by specially designed pallets that control by Photon robots. It can use to explore planets and bring alien objects to earth. Design by evolution is implanted to find DFM in practical way. It can work in very high temperatures such as in sun.


Photon robot is made of Photons. It is similar to ghosts. It does not have a physical body but sometimes invisible bodies. It can be seen with special electronic equipments.


DFM method should be implemented. It should be user friendly. JIT and Concurrent Engineering are required to manufacture. CAM should use to instructing equipment.


In practical MIS is required. Market research is one way to find the target market. Briefly target markets are normal traveling people, different able peoples, Doctors, Engineering, Explorers, and Businessman etc. Primary or/and secondary information use for research. Fundamental in marketing practice can be used. It should be provided augmented product. Consumer or Business services are implemented. Product life cycle is developed by new functions and methods introduction. Keep the brand name under good hand.


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