Shock Absorber Test Rig

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The objective of this test rig is to determine dynamic characteristic of automotive shock absorber system.

A car suspension system is designed to absorb and dampen the forces experienced by the wheels of an automobile. To design suspension system the maximum displacement and acceleration needs to be identified. An LVDT and accelerometer would do a sufficient job in determining the displacement and acceleration. The objective of this test rig is to determine dynamic characteristic of automotive shock absorber system.The design of shock absorber test rig has been developed for vibration measurement and displacement. This test rig actually design to test and indicate the condition of shock absorber in automotive vehicles.

Basically it consists of two parts, first mechanical and second one is electronic. Mechanical part consists of one larger diameter rotating drum which is used to produce the real road conditions during driving. A separate wheel and shock absorber arrangement mounted on the vertical frame assembly which is interlinked with the drum.Drum is also atteched with frame and it rotates with various RPM with the help of reculator which provid different different road condition for wheel.

Secondly electronic parts consist of different type of sensors to measure the displacement and vibration of the shock absorber.WE use LVDT and accelerometer sensor.LVDT sensor provide displacement and accelerometer provide vibration in a single direction because vibration is also term of acceleration.Output produced by these two sensors is send to the oscilloscope where these output shows in wave form and digital form. By the help of numerical analysis we calculate the accuracy of shock absorber. Now these signals is sent to PC from digitial oscilloscope wher we can find and compare the original design of shock abosorber which is to be used in any vehicle.COSMOS motion software is used in PC which shows the dynamics characteristics of shock absorber and also compare the shock absorber design which is to be used for any vehicle.The benefit of these test rig is that we can compare the accuracy of the LVDT sensor by integrating the result of LVDT and then compare it with accelerometer reading. When drum is rotated then due to obstacle which is created on drum to provide road speed brake condition for the wheel and when this obstacle hit the wheel then it moves upward and shock absorber got displacement which is measured by LVDT sensor and shock absorber displacement is converted into voltage. Due to displacement of shock absorber the accelerometer also got acceleration which is shown in term of vibration.Both sensor reading to be amplified because the reding which is provided by sensor in term of voltage is very low and it can not show on digital oscilloscope so after amplifing these result is sent on digital oscilloscope. This shock absorber test rig may replace today shock absorber test rig which too expensive and not provide good result.this shock absorber is also used by normal automotive work shock due to less expensive.


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