Novel Translating/Orbiting Rotor Compressor

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Novel Working Principle

As shown in picture and video, this new compressor works differently than all other styles. During the rotor translating circularly, the rotor teeth and shell teeth are engaged and form closed spaces which volume change is used to apply pressure to the gas inside.

With bypass slot for each compression chamber, the flow regulating plate can change the flow rate by simply rotating operation.

To reduce the test cost, the first prototype was designed as a small air compressor; its structure is easy to be turned into refrigeration application.

The prototype showed in picture doesn’t use exhaust control plate, but reed check valves to adapt variable pressure load. This prototype doesn't work because its output hole seal surface was wrongly chamfered. I am waiting for a new quality one, now people can just see its running and the parts.

Problems of Current Compressors

There are many styles of compressors in the market. The piston compressor is the most popular but its efficiency is lower and has higher vibration. The screw compressor and the scroll compressor have very low vibration and better efficiency, but their structures are complicated and require high precision manufacturing, thus the cost is higher and fewer manufacturers.

Variable flow operating is one of the key energy saving performance, but the flow of most compressors in the market is hard to be regulated, or the flow regulation has extra high cost.

Potential Benefits

The rotor works translating along a circular path, like the scroll compressor, the friction speed is low, so it has lower friction loss, or equivalently higher speed, smaller size and lighter weight.

The delivery flow can be adjusted easily which makes it energy saving and the fluid system operating is more stable.

The rotor and the shell profile are much simpler than scroll compressor, which is easier for manufacturing.

The compression structure is self-engaged without extra anti-rotate parts, so it has smaller number of parts than scroll compressor and the reliability is higher.

With the balance part the vibration is as small as scroll compressor.

Although it has clearance volume, which is a weakness than scroll compressor, but by using reed valves it consumes less energy under non-standard situation.

The estimated total efficiency is around the same as the scroll compressor, which is on the top of the current compressors, but this compressor has lower cost as described above.


All the applications with compressors, vacuum pumps etc. Such as air/natural gas processing and pressurizing, refrigeration and air conditioning, plant product line etc. Applications have covered most industries in the world.

Market Potential

There are around 100 million of compressors produced every year in the world. With the potential benefits of this invention, even a small part of the market is a huge number.



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