MobiCool Liquid cooling device

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MobiCool Liquid cooling device
Mobicool liquid cooling device is a mobile cooling unit which contains a compact but power-full refrigeration unit connected with one handy cooling tube via flexible pipes which can cool any liquid by immersing the tube into liquid, this plug-in device is designed for catering industries where they have to cool much liquid food before serving it to customers.

Problem associated:
In current catering industry caterers are using ice to cool some liquid food in a huge quantity. (This situations occurs generally in outdoor events, parties and in cultural programs also,)The food may be milk or shakes, juices, pulps and many more. To use ice to cool that food is such a dangerous and difficult way of cooling. The desired temperature can’t be controlled with such a convention method.

Solution as innovation:
We have designed a mobile refrigeration plant which contains a compressor, gas storage, condenser and control devices in a single packed unit, while the evaporator is connected with the system via two flexible pipes one for compressed gas and one for decompressed gas. An evaporator unit is designed in a immersion pipe shape which can be easily immersed into the food container. The refrigeration gas will cool the pipe with evaporative effect (Same principle as in domestic refrigeration) thus any liquid can be cooled at any pace within minutes. The immersion tube is made with food grade steel material to work with food.

Working of the system:
The system is working on vapor compression cycle refrigeration unit. The working principle and working gas is same as it is in domestic refrigeration unit.

-Every catering company will require this device for better services.
-laboratories can also apply this device to cool their bulk liquid samples.
-It is also use-full for dairy and water supply industries.
-Juice centers can also apply this device to cool their juice for customers.

-The mobicool device is compact in size and yet power-full for optimum results.
-Device is light in weight, easy to operate, low running cost and negligible in maintenance.
-Easy to manufacture and it could be manufactured with different capacity according to requirement.
-It will replace the ice cooling method and hence customer will get hygienic and safer food.
-Optimum temperature control can be obtained in food container with this device.

The device is very easy to manufacture as all parts are conventional in use, the system is just a complex assembling of convention refrigeration unit parts. Manufacturing cost may be lowered because of easy availability of parts in open market.

Catering industries is growing with promising rate and companies are inviting such a good inventions to make their work easy and profitable.
Hence we are very positive about the market scenario.


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