Automatic Glass Wall Cleaner

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This project “AUTOMATIC GLASS WALL CLEANER” focuses on cleaning of glass wall buildings. Cleaning glass of such tall buildings is a time consuming and a dangerous job. Presently humans are employed for cleaning such tall glass buildings which is very dangerous. In order to provide a solution to this problem, this process of cleaning can be automated. This setup is capable of climbing and moving along the walls of the building without any human intervention. Necessary means of cleaning the glass wall under the setup are made so that the setup cleans the glass while moving over it.

The movement is attained by using pneumatic cylinders which are attached with vacuum grippers at the end. Vacuum grippers provide a necessary gripping force to hold the setup attached to the glass wall by using high vacuum. The necessary water required for cleaning is stored inside the setup and is sprayed by means of a pump. A wiping mechanism is also included in the setup which cleans up the sprayed water.


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    Poovendran Palanisamy
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    Automation Studio,Ride,Keil
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