The Security Bird

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We spend a lot of money in border security & intelligence but it can be reduced by using some advanced techniques. The concept of security bird is very simple & highly useful everywhere such as in a terrorist attack, security in air, trace nasalicdes etc.

The security bird is a carbon copy of natural bird in which we can use many aerospace features such as aerodynamics, propulsion, flight mechanics & control etc.

This bird consist of cameras in different position with audio & video transmitting device. In this we use high pressure pneumatic control to give highest structural strength with lowest weight. We get best aerodynamic support & maneuverability by applying some other aerodynamic concept.

This project is lowest cost highest efficient project for future use. We can control these bird form anywhere by simple electronic controller. You can not able to differentiate able to differentiate between natural & spy Bird. It is the bird seat near you & sending complete information to others.

The body & wings of bird is made up of rubber & plastics tube materials with strings. Its size & structure is almost similar to natural bird.

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    Sumit Suman
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    Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam is my inspiration . This project/design is inspired by Real nature.
    "You become the captain of the problem,
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