Laser Based Manufacturing

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Rapid Generator is laser operated automatic machine to serve two purposes; first, it can generate new 3D components as per design and; second, it can produce a copy of an existing component.

Like a Xerox machine in which charged carbon particle tethered at particular position on paper to generate words, Rapid Generator has laser mounted on inward wall which focuses and produces a 3D image of a component. Electrically charged metal/plastic particles now allowed to move on that focused area by spray and make them settled for primary adhesion.

After completion of settling of particles, prepared part will be send for heating in furnace and strength of metal/plastic will be induced.

To make any work piece we have followed tedious conventional processing on machines and it is very time consuming. Where Rapid Generator can generate any piece of work within few minutes with good accuracy and lessen labor work. This machine save material and cost of transportation and give good impact on industries.

Rapid Generator is very fast compared to rapid prototyping (3D printing) and give reasonable accuracy. We have to procure metal/plastic powder form and then using this machine we can make anything as per desire without wasting unnecessary material.

For aerospace this machine can be versatile because no need to carry extra components and can make them as per need. Like this in all manufacturing industries in which this machine would be used.

Market price of Rapid Generator would be rival of CNC machines and, medium and large scale industries would have good vision for such machines. Production cost of component is higher then convention machine but in future this technology would be on stance having speed and accurate manufacturing.

Private, Semiprivate, or Governmental organizations are ready to emerge having and to provide best technology in field.

This machine will revolutionize the manufacturing and lead to great technologies of time.


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    Well, India's Great epic "Mahabharata" mentioned such warriors who have spiritual power to generate arrow in hands from space during wars by speaking 'mantra'.
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