LIBSCAN – A Smart Library Stock Verification System

Library plays a vital role in the development of any country. In most of the Libraries, the stock verification is done manually and it is very difficult too; of course, it consumes more time and human resources. Even though, with the help of barcode scanner, It is not so easy to do a stock verification for more than 2,00,000 books, Magazines, Journals. The proposed LIBSCAN act as a barcode reader which can be installed in any android smartphones. It will read the barcode from the books arranged in the book rack. After an each successful read, it will store the details of the particular book in the LIBSCAN database. The updated database now contains the information pertaining to missing and the books available on the shelf .The user now will obtain the information regarding the actual status of the books in the library generated by the LIBSCAN software in terms of the excel sheets.


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    Ravi, Thangakumar, Sambath
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