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One and a half months back one Ms. Juli Boruah (27) came to me. She lost her two hands in a road accident. From that day onwards she has had to depend on others to feed her, to clean her etc. Many times she slept with empty stomach for not getting a helping hand to feed her. With the ornamental hand she is wearing, she cannot perform these tasks. The brave girl wanted me to design a device so that she can have her food independently and also can clean her up. She also did mention it that she has tried her level best with many big institutions already but nothing came out.

The biggest challenge was that it should be very simple and low cost device and it should not consume any external power. Its operational force is to be come from leg or any other limbs. I got so emotionally attached that I came up with a design in 15 days.

In this design, I am using rope and pulley mechanism supported by afoot lever to drive the food on the plate with the help of a spoon to the mouth. To ensure continuous food for the spoon to lift up, I have given a provision to rotate the plate. This can be done by rotating the foot disc to ensure continuous supply of food.
2. Selection of different food item.
3. Mixing up of food.

As part of the cleaning is concern  I have placed a leg operated water jet system both on the front and back on the toilet pan.

There are lots of people without hands. I am placing this idea and design in this contest with a hope to spread the idea around the globe. So that lots of people like Ms. Juli Borua will benefit. I am not going to hold any kind of copyright for this design. Just help those deprived lot who ever wants to.



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    Innovation is something I live with
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