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Imagine a world where everything is produced near the location its used or consumed, long distance freight is rarely needed, and recycling is close to 100%

In our current model these are not realistic assumptions, but with pervasive computing, cheap sensors, and digital design - it is certainly possible.

CubeSpawn aims to create the machines and systems to bring this vision to reality.

While FMS (Flexible Manufacturing Systems) have been around since 1963,
new, cutting edge, open source based control models and smaller, more affordable machines present an opportunity to re-imagine manufacturing at a more personal and community scale.

Opening up numerous possibilities and making substantial contributions to concepts like a resilient grid, full recycling and local production

Using system models developed by NIST funded research, CubeSpawn can make localized production of complex product from digital patterns a reality - if the patterns created for the system are additional machines, recycling automation and small scale power systems then any interested, motivated owner can move toward this vision rapidly and independently.

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Project links:
Protoype Pictures & Renders -
3D models -
OpenBuilds 3 Axis Mill -
OpenBuild Ultimaker 3D Printer - />ROS (Robot Operating System)


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    James Jones
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    James Jones
    Joshua Schechter
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    Sketchup, Solidworks, SolveSpace
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    Social consequences of technology, and the changing nature of wealth
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