Marmalade Traction Drive

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Leonardo Da Vinci once said "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." In today's day and age simplicity means reliability and cost effectiveness. The product we are introducing validates yesterday's and today's meaning of simplicity. We developed and patented a new type of traction drive that can replace gear drives and belt systems in many of today's motion applications. The drive was designed with simplicity in mind and encompass's the lowest amount of moving parts possible, having only six moving parts. In this case we are replacing a standard V-belt system with a traction drive unit.

Our Focus was testing of Kw/h and comparing the energy consumption of the traction drive and V-belts. Reason we choose this application is to see the Kw/h savings by switching over to the traction drive, because in today's times many agencies are requiring certain mandates to lower energy consumption. One of the largest consumption's and losses of energy accounted for are in the industrial sector, and is the reason why we choose the industrial fan for our first application. The drive is machined in house with the highest quality control.

Results may vary due to the application but savings as high as 30% have been achieved in real life tested situations. Because of the traction drives simplicity the switch over was both cost effective and efficient. The savings are gained due to rolling motion. Rolling motion is the most efficient way to get from point A to point B and is the principle that the traction drives work on. That's why we considered this the best invention since the wheel.



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