Educational CNC machine tools

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Educational CNC machine tools nowadays, it is important to reduce costs This also applies to education and specialized education, courses for CNC machine operators.

Project Objective: Reducing the cost of equipment for CNC training centers, increasing the number of training centers for CNC machine operators, facilitating access to such training, and reducing the cost of such courses will result in a reduction in unemployment. Availability learning to use CNC machines in schools (for youth).

3D technology allows the production of models of existing machines and devices in a reduced scale, while maintaining full functionality. This is an excellent addition to the computer simulation. This year the first construction of such a device was made. It is one of the simpler CNC machines, the three-axis CNC router. 3D Technical Prints develops 3D printing technology for several years. The aim is to introduce this technology to the industry, not only use to build prototypes, also apply to the small batch production used in industry.

Our printers are working with a efficiency of more than 5000 cubic millimeters per minute, which allows us to significantly reduce the cost of producing the part/detail.

Further development of the project "Educational CNC machine tools' depends on the interest of the market, such simulators machine (CNC milling machines, CNC lathes, CNC machining centers, industrial robots). The first design of CNC machine tools (mini CNC router) was created to prove that it is possible to print out a fully functional machine tool.

Suitable for use as a simulator of CNC device and for use as a hobby.


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