floating embankment guard (barrage guard)

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One of the most challenging factors that hampers our smooth livelihood is the large scale destruction of the river coast, affecting the sociology-economic balance of our economy as well as  creating border disputes among various states and countries. The process of conceptualist and other currently available processes may not protect the river coasts from causing severe consequences for the ecological balance. After all it will be entangled by the rules and regulations of land acquisition and also it is very much expensive.

To overcome these complex problems I’ve come out with a jubilant and overwhelming idea of “Floating Embankment Guard” placed along the river coast without affecting the original soil embankment of the river that will really solve the problem of ecologist as well as socio-economic balance.

Cracks are formed on the natural soil embankment by strong currents of the tide lashing to it which are again enhanced in depths by increased our pressure slides of coastal lines. To protect the coastal line from line from major land slides, “Floating Embankment Guard” can be deployed about 25-30 feet away from the natural soiled embankment. It is a steel frame one side of which is covered by fibre sheet or thin metal sheet (which is durable) containing many circular holes. Many hollow balls are to be filled on both sides along the line diving its breath in 2:1 ratio some weights fitted below keep it afloat vertically immersing 2/3 portion of under water. These guards are free to float by using hooks according to water level of rivers. (Please refer to attachment figures 1,2 & 3). Most of the waves approaching towards embankments will be resisted by these guards, this having little chances to make erosion (In this way these floating embankment guards protect the natural embankments causing no harm or imbalance to ecological diversity). Also trees can be planted on the natural soiled embankments.

During ebb - tide, a good amount of sea-load (rolling stones etc.) along with water current cause harm to the embankment. In order to protect this week natural embankment I suggeste to place along the natural embankment “ Concrete pillars”, having on angle of 1350 with the direction of the ebb -tidal current these pillars, placed at a regular interval of 75 feet to 100 feet will be able to surve sea loads and currents away from the coast.

The Market potential of this system is immense, because it can guard both natural (soil) and concrete  embankment. The cost required to install this system is not very high and it can be easily manufactured.


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