Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS)

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The Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS) / Throttle-By-Wire (TBW) / Drive-By-Wire (DBW) all are same species. Nowadays almost all modern automotive engines are outfitted with DBW technology. A DBW system regulates the throttle plate angle by using a servo motor to adjust the inlet airflow rate of an IC engine. It is a complex Throttle Control System as compared to traditional Drive-By-Cable Mechanical Throttle Mechanism. It provides a great freedom to Engine Management System. A State-of-the-Art discrete PID controller is pertained for throttle servo mechanism. The redundancy incorporated in the system for safety reason and the deficiency of Idle Air Control (IAC) valve makes the thing more exigent.

Say Good Bye to Old Mechanical Cable Throttles. It’s fairly possible to replace traditional mechanical throttle with electronic throttle body. The DBW requires an additional DBW Controller / Module in case of an ordinary ECU with no DBW capability. The IAC signal input provision in DBW Module allows the existing ECU to stabilize the Engine Idling / deceleration RPM.

DBW can be used for subsequent applications i.e. Cruise Control, Engine RPM Limiter to prolong life, Vehicle Speed Limiter, Auto Transmission shift jerk suppression, Electronic RPM Governor for Gasoline / CNG Generators, vehicle drivability, fuel economy, emissions control etc


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